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    Old 02-03-2012, 07:43 AM
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    Default The Bounty Hunter

    So... I've rolled yet another character, swapping from the Republic to the Sith... and I think I've found my home! I'm proper enjoying the Bounty Hunter. I'm pretty much Neutral at the moment, suprisingly, with the attitude of Credits means everything, but my loyalties to my employer stand for the job.

    If I'm told to go kill someone, that person dies, even if they are a good guy or not. Nothing will sway me from that goal. I like that attitude... I even apologise to people when I think I'm doing a bad thing. In the starting zone, I have to give someones head to someone else, so I did, and then said "This was a bad thing I did... I'm sorry" and truely meant it. lol

    Anyways. I've gone Mercenary for the pew pew dual weilding. But I'm torn over my crafting skills.

    Should I go Armourtech and look like a tank, or Armstech and have the best craftable weapons? Or forget both and go for Cybertech? I wanted slicing too, but I might save that for the ImpAge.

    At the moment I've gone Armourtech, but as I'm not Powertech, I think it's a waste (I am planning on rolling a Powertech in the future so i can have a giant walking man tank).
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