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    Old 10-10-2011, 12:41 PM
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    Default The raid loot distribution system.

    Here's my idea how loot distribution should work, which should eliminate any decisions for the loot-master, making it inherently fair. And while I'm not expecting everyone to want to use it or even like it, try finding situations or loopholes that would allow the loot-master to manipulate the system or be required to make decisions that there are no guidelines for. Also if it seems unfair from any angle. (Keep in mind these are tailored to fit together with the current general raid rules, such as not taking alts/non-regulars unless they are needed or the raid is doing old content.)

    *If you are in the raid group, you will have an equal chance to get loot with everyone else, regardless of the type of loot, your current gear, if you are a regular team member, any future plans or whether it's a main or an alt.

    *MS before OS and if you've already won something, you get a -100 to your roll compared to others who haven't. These penalties clear after each raid. There are no special loot rules for tier tokens or for getting set bonuses.

    *If there are several items someone could roll on, the item with the widest audience will be rolled for first. (Example: Warrior/Hunter/Shaman token and agility mail drops. There is 1 warrior and 1 hunter. You don't roll for the mail first to eliminate the hunter from the token roll. Otherwise, if the loot-master was fond of the warrior, he could manipulate the system to guarantee loot to the warrior.)

    *You can be asked to pass on loot, if there's a compelling argument why someone else should have it instead, but the person who won the roll will decide if they want to pass it on or not.

    *BoE boss loot will be treated the same way, if no one wants it, priority goes to people who've been asked to sit out the fight, after that trades with other teams, and then alts. (OS for people who got the kill before MS for people who were sitting out.)

    *Rolls for BoE trash loot will be rolled for between all raid members including ones who are sitting out, otherwise the same as boss BoE loot.

    * If someone is forced to use their off-spec repeatedly, they can decide to roll for the OS gear like it was MS (while participating in the raid in his OS). The decision should be made beforehand and cannot be changed mid-raid.

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