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    Old 09-10-2011, 09:59 PM
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    Talking Looking for 5 Mans - Team Noob

    First off, a bit of background.
    I was chatting with Varna in guild tonight, and we were talking about how naturally those who raid together seem to do their dungeon runs together too.
    We weren't feeling bad about this, rather we were feeling that some of us noobs want to see some dungeons and are either a bit shy, a bit noobish or have weird schedules.

    To that end, We said we'd stick up a notice, and see could we get some interest in a semi-casual 5 man team with rotating rosters.
    We'd probably start with normals, and work along.

    Obviously we can't all guarantee times like the lads in Win and Awesome can, so there wouldn't be pressure to turn up every night.

    Throw your name down if you have some interest!
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