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    Default =UKTF= United Kingdom Tactical Force

    Hi we are =UKTF= a tactical realism clan for ARMA2

    What do we do?

    =UKTF= specializes in realistic PVP and co-op for combined ops, one of the most significant features of the clan is the fact we usually operate with NO RESPAWN. We implement British tactics and usually play with British Armed Forces. One other significant feature is our use of Media reporters in missions to fully document battles.

    An example setup might be

    AI populace on both sides all NON combatants
    4-6 civi/taliban
    10-12 British troops with air support
    This is far more realistic to the sorts of battles troops face today and members playing as Taliban will have to be very mature. ROE will be that no one can be shot unless carrying a weapon, which will allow Taliban players to choose when to attack. Equally UAV support may be on task for British troops so they will have to be very careful. British troops can arrest civi/Taliban players if they are deemed to have been shooting or performing an action like planting an IED.

    The whole aim of this is immersion, not knowing who the enemy are and when they will strike. This is quite possibly the most demanding experience you will encounter in ArmA as with strict ROE you can be attacked at any time

    What mods do you use??

    We operate with two main mods currently


    we believe these to be vital to the clan, with the advanced communications that ACRE provide and additionally ACE we can get as close to realism as possible.

    Why join?

    We are a tight knit community that is already established in Project Reality and now moving to ArmA2. Our members all have a background in arma and are keen to get back into it. We are recruiting over 18s from the UK and Europe because of the timezone. Check our website below for more details equally pm me on this forum or add me on steam as mttyplayer5 or Freerider117


    Below is an example video of us testing reporters in PVP

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