Crysis 3 public multiplayer beta launches next week

Crytek are providing the chance to hone your predatory instincts in preparation for the launch of Crysis 3. A two week open multiplayer beta will be running from January 29 - February 12. The test will give players a chance to try out two maps and two multiplayer modes, including the return of Crysis 2's king-of-the-hill style Crash Site, and the hide and stab fun of new addition Hunter. Here's a video rundown of the two modes, found cloaked in our archives .

Unusually for an EA beta, it seems that this one is open to everyone rather tied into some pre-order deal. Hopefully by then they'll have ironed out the EULA troubles they've been having recently.

Crysis 3 is due out on February 22nd. More details on the beta are available here .


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