DayZ weekly update: 1.7.2 patch finally released, axe murderers, and Reddit to the rescue

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Want to play DayZ, but have no idea where to start? Check out our DayZ installation guide and join the PC Gamer UK official DayZ server.

The delayed 1.7.2 update has finally been released, but there have been some problems. "Good news and bad news," reads the official DayZ development Twitter feed. "Bad: 1.7.2 can cause equipment loss and loading problems. Good: client/server performance and lag greately improved."

DayZ weekly update: bear trap controversy, hacker attacks, and boar vaulting

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“I just moved everything to Prague,” says DayZ creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall on the mod’s official forums. “The 1.7.2 update has been ongoing, inbetween the drama that occurs when you're trying to move in a country which you don't speak the language.” So, that explains the delay. Rocket is obviously moving to Arma 2 creator Bohemia Interactive’s HQ, who are based in the Czech capital. In his absence – and because of the delayed update – the forums have exploded with misguided anger and flaming.

Minecraft Technic Pack guide: build nuclear reactors, jetpacks, teleporters and more

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If it's been a little while since you booted up Minecraft, I don't blame you. While Mojang has been pumping out the updates, adding more content to the endgame, the core of the Minecraft single-player experience has been unchanged now for some time.

But there's a way you can recapture that heady thrill of finding iron, building a minecart or crafting your first diamond pickaxe. It's a collection of mods under the banner of the Minecraft Technic Pack that work seamlessly together to significantly expand the possibilities that Minecraft's blocky world holds.

"Like what?", I hear you demand. Like solar panels. Like mining complexes that smelt resources automatically and sort them between chests through a series of interconnecting pipes. Like vast terraforming machines. Like nuclear reactors and teleporters. Like lasers and jetpacks. Find out how to get the mod and start building below.

DayZ weekly update: smarter zombies, smoother frame rates, and revealing player stats

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Want to play DayZ, but have no idea where to start? Check out our DayZ installation guide and join the PC Gamer UK official DayZ server.

Diablo 3's secret Move key saved my hardcore Monk's life last night

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Diablo 3 has a lot of cool features, the trouble is that it likes to hide most of them from you by default. Elective Mode is a complete game-changer that you have to hear about from a friend to know to unlock.

A friend told me about another hidden tool last night: the Move key. It saved the life of my permadeath Monk last night, so I'm passing along the tip to you.

Diablo 3 Barbarian build guide

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The mighty Barbarians of Mount Arreat are undeniably Diablo 3's most savage melee fighters. We've put together a list of the most fun and effective builds we've created for these battle-raging behemoths. Our Diablo 3 class build guide has builds for every class in Diablo 3: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. Be sure to check back often—we're updating it almost every day.

How to download League of Legends' beta client and play all the new champions first

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League of Legends' Public Beta Environment is one of the best-kept secrets in the LoL community. Despite what a majority of players think, the beta server (or PBE) is open to everyone and can be joined at anytime, although that hasn't always been the case. The PBE is where all the upcoming patches, champions, and maps land first--letting you play them before your friends and get a leg up on your opponents.

We show you how to sign up, download the client, and get playing in five simple steps.

Diablo 3 Wizard build guide

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The Wizard is one of the toughest classes to survive as on Hell and Inferno. Here are the Wizard builds we've found to be most fun and effective so far. Our Diablo 3 class build guide has builds for every class in Diablo 3: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard. Be sure to check back often—we're updating it almost every day.

Diablo 3 BradyGames guide review

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Let's get meta: how about I write the review AND the first comment? “WTF strategy guides!?! Internet FTW!” Step back guys.

Default is for suckers: How to unlock full skill tree customization in Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 has a secret. It won't tell you, but you don't actually have to select one skill from each of the categories (Primary, Defensive, etc.) that it forces on you. You can pick any seven skills in your entire arsenal for your active set, but that capability is disabled by default. We show you how to enable it in 10 seconds flat.

Build a Diablo 3 PC that can withstand the fires of Hell!

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One of the most rewarding parts of our job is empowering people to build their own PCs. Diablo 3 is one of those games that a lot of former PC gamers (and mouse-curious console owners) are going to be making the jump in order to play. Is that you, or someone you know? We've taken the liberty of building a rig that will guarantee you an excellent demon-slaughtering experience and comfortably hits the game's recommended specs. We've also included a few choice upgrades, if you have piles of gold you don't know what to do with.

Diablo 3 build guide: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard [UPDATED]

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Building the best character in Diablo 3, whether you picked Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk or Witch Doctor, can be tough. There are a dizzying number of options, but here are a few of our personal favorites, with full skill builds, playstyle explanations and stat recommendations for each.

6 things that will surprise MMO veterans jumping into Tera

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While many of Tera's mechanics and systems will be familiar for those used to the “WoW template,” MMOers expecting everything to be the same run the risk of getting tripped up by some of its more convention-bending mechanics.

These few helpful tips will help ease your transition from the virtual world of your choice to Tera’s sweeping landscape of elves, giants and oversized-sword-wielding badgers.

The Elder Scrolls Online: everything you need to know

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The Elder Scrolls Online has been announced! In the coming months we're going to gather every nugget of information about the game and post it here, as a constantly growing repository of facts and analysis. Whether you're for or against an online adaptation of the single player-dominated RPG series, The Elder Scrolls Online has the potential to be a great MMO on its own terms. Bethesda and Zenimax have assembled an experienced team, and - to hear them tell it - the game has been in development for several years. Keep checking back for more info as we get it.

A guide to Skyrim's prettiest locations

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I’ve heard talk that vanilla Skyrim isn’t pretty. Balderdash! Sure, it's got a few muddy textures, but I think it deserves a ton of recognition for the scale and artistry of its environments. To that end, I've created a video featuring my favorite places in the game, which I’ve dubbed “Koyaaniskyrim.”

World of Warcraft Protip: Killing critters for fun and achievements

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In this Protip, Josh explains how to snag three WoW achievements with the help of furry little nature friends. How you proceed just depends on how thirsty you are for the blood of the, how many critters do you want to kill?

StarCraft II Protip: Baneling Bust

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Are your Zerg rushes constantly being hampered by filthy buildings? Stupid industrious capitalist jerks—always getting in the way with their "progress." Stick it to Ayn Rand with this Protip, in which Josh teaches us how to clear a path with a StarCraft II tactic that's as explosive as it is gooey: the Baneling Bust. Watch the introduction above, and see the strategy play out versus both Protoss and Terran bases in the following videos.

How to install custom League of Legends skins

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Too fashion-forward to allow your League of Legends champions to get caught wearing the same 'ol attire day after day? Start the new year with a fresh look! In this Protip, Josh demonstrates how to find and install custom League of Legends skins to make your champions the best-dressed little warriors on the block. Check out the introduction above, and watch Josh's complete instructions in the consecutive videos, as well as a rundown of the PC Gamer US office favorites...

A World of Warcraft player's primer to Star Wars: The Old Republic's advanced classes, part 2

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Yesterday's look at the comparison between Star Wars: The Old Republic's specializations and World of Warcraft's classes began with the resolute Republic. Now, part 2 deals with the power-hungry Empire. As before, each listed class specialization gets a brief description and an approximate comparison to their WoW counterpart(s).

How to play Saints Row 3 as a toilet

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Saints Row 3 is the unrestricted id of gaming smeared across an open world city. It's brash, juvenile, violent and obsessed with toilet humour. So much so that you can play the game as a toilet.

Watch the video above, and then read on for how you can easily do it yourself in an instant and without mods.