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With wings unfurled, here comes another Aion game guide, brought to you in collaboration with the fine folks over at NCsoft. This time, we're off to the Arena of Chaos, where players will battle other Daeva in 5v5 arena battles, continuing the enjoyable Crucible Arenas.

One of the key features of the 2.7 update is the Arena of Chaos- a 10 Daeva free-for-all arena. Similar in structure to the Arena of Discipline, the Arena of Chaos brings different stages and strategy to the Crucible Colisuem.

While inside the Arena of Chaos, your enemies will be anonymous. You will not be able to chat, nor will you see the names of your competitors until the match ends and the final scores are displayed.

Just like the Arena of Discipline, you will need an Arena Ticket to enter. Be aware that these tickets are one time use items and are shared between each Crucible Coliseum arena. The training version does not consume an Arena Ticket, but will also give no reward.

Hours of Operation

Much like the other PvP instances within Aion, the Arena of Chaos operates during certain times of each day. The times that it is available reside around peak hours and are much less restricted during the weekend, so even if you are unable to attend each day, you should be able to find a time that is convenient for you, while still having other players to compete against.

Competitive Arena Hours


12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

6:00 pm next day 2:00 a.m.


10:00 am next day 2:00 a.m.

Getting There

Construction is finished within the Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory and both have been expanded to house the Crucible Coliseum. Venturing down the new hallway, you will find the Crucible Coliseum vendors as well as the entrances themselves. By entering each Arena via its door, you will be queued for the competitive version of the instance. You will need an Arena ticket to enter via the door. If you prefer to practice, or just want to get in and have some fun, speak with the NPC closest to the Arena you wish to enter and you can queue up for the training version.

Arena Tickets

Arena Tickets are your... ticket to getting into the competitive version of the Coliseum arenas. Read on for more information on how these valuable tickets work!

1. You must have an Arena Ticket in order to enter the competitive version of the Arenas.

2. You may receive one Arena Ticket per day via a daily quest (resets daily at 9AM).

3. Each Arena Ticket remains in your inventory for 7 days. If unused within that time, it will disappear.

4. The 7 day expiration time allows you to plan your time better. Use them daily or all at once!

5. The Arenas will automatically consume the Arena Ticket with the least amount of time left.

6. With the very low cooldown times (15 minutes), only your Arena Tickets will determine your entry!

Where do I get Arena Tickets?

Obtaining your daily Arena Ticket couldn't be easier! Simply speak with your faction's NPC to accept and complete the daily quest and you will be awarded your ticket! As with other daily quests, this one resets daily at 9AM server time.

The first time you enter the Coliseum, you will learn how each arena works and earn a bonus Arena Ticket. Each player may then take a daily quest that awards them one Arena Ticket. There are currently no other ways to earn Arena Tickets via normal game methods.

Even without an Arena Ticket, you can still enjoy the Crucible Coliseum! Participate in the free training mode of each Arena for fun and practice!

Things to note

• PvP When you Want with no Risk!

The Arena of Chaos is always open in one way or another. While inside, you are free to PvP without penalty. You will lose no AP and will not suffer from Soul Sickness when you die!

• 6 Different Maps

During a bout in the Arena of Chaos, you will play on 3 of the 6 possible maps. Each one is very different, not only aesthetically, but mechanically as well. Some have easy mobs and gatherable objects with very high point values, some are flight enabled, some have near instant death environmental dangers- a large portion of an individual's victory will depend on how well they know and utilize each map.

• Power isn't Everything!

The Arena of Chaos is more about adaptability and strategy than sheer power. Knowing who to target, when to go after high value mobs, and how to use the various environmental dangers are all key to victory. It is very possible to attain a top ranking position without killing a single player!

• Threasure Chests and Gatherables

Treasure chests will spawn up in certain locations of the different maps. They house very powerful consumables that can be used for attack, defense, buffing or healing. Make sure to put them to good use, they will disappear from your inventory at the end of the match!

• Turning the Game Around in Round 3

If the match hasn't been in your favor the first two rounds, all is not lost! In the 3rd round, a marker is placed above the 1st and 2nd place players heads to identify them. If someone kills the 1st place player, he/she will acquire 3x the points. If someone kills the 2nd place player, he/she will acquire 2x the points. Also, the 10th place player will receive a buff that increases PvP Attack and Defense by 10%.

• Acquiring and Losing Points

1. If you kill an opponent, you will acquire 1000 points. If a target is killed by more than one player, the points will be distributed by level of contribution.

2. If you are killed, you will lose 125 points.

3. Once 1st place acquires 50,000 points, regardless of how much time is left in the match, the game will be over.

4. There are multiple mobs, intractable objects and gatherable objects that can all earn your points! Pull levers, fire cannons, fly through flight rings, kill mobs, gather objects... oh and don't forget to PvP.


During the competitive version of the Arena of Chaos, you will earn Abyss Points, Crucible Insignias, and Courage Insignias based on how well you score during the match. While AP and Crucible Insignias can be earned elsewhere, the Arena of Chaos and the Arena of Discipline are currently the only place you can earn Courage Insignias. These valuable little commendations are key to purchasing the awesome new PvP gear available in version 2.7!

Arena of Chaos - Training

While you will need an Arena Ticket in order to earn any Abyss Points, Crucible Insignias, or Courage Insignias, the fun of the Coliseum doesn't have to end if you run out! You may enter the training version of each arena at no ticket cost and at any time during the day.

• Characteristics of Training Center

1. You will be queued with characters close to your level. The groupings are 46-50 and 51-55.

2. The training arena is open all day every day. It will not consume an Arena Ticket and has a short lockout time of 15 minutes from your last entry.

3. Training has no actual rewards. You must spend an Arena Ticket and enter the Competitive version in order to receive Insignias and Abyss Points.

4. To enter training mode, queue through the NPC standing next to the Competitive entry door.

Arena of Chaos – List of Maps

Alquimia Culvert

Deep beneath the Alquimia Research Center lies a twisting sewer-like underground tunnel with narrow walkways, sticky sludge, and dark halls. Stay out of the sludge if you don't wish to be slowed down considerably. An elite mob wanders the sewer hallways, attacking those who enter its territory. While it does offer points, its value is very low, so it is best to avoid it all together!

Gliding from this point can get you away from an attacker or closer to the action happening in the center of the map.

Now that you have the high ground, fire at will on the targets below! Just be sure to watch your back for anyone sneaking up the hallway behind you.

There isn't much room to work with in the narrow hallways of Alquimia, however precision jumping can allow you to gain considerable distance from any unwanted pursuers.

Casus Ruins

The corrupt vampire Casus maintains control over the haunted ruins of her manor. Cursed to eternally haunt the manor, these vile souls defend their home viciously! Be very aware of your surroundings while in the Casus Ruins. There are many monsters, some invisible, residing inside. The bright side of such a gloomy place is that each of these monsters can earn you extra points! Look for Pale Carmina or Casus (affectionately referred to as Tentacle Beast around here) to earn a whopping 1500 points!

Tentacle Beast Corrupt Casus in all her 1500-point glory!

Collapsed Wind Tower

Flight is the name of the game inside the Collapsed Wind Tower. While there are no mobs to worry about, Eruptions of Lava frequently burst into the air, causing damage and stunning those unlucky enough to be in its pathway. Two player-controlled Cannons also appear and can easily clip your wings (or gain you points if you get there first)! If you find yourself on the business end of a cannon, being out of range or breaking line of sight are two good ways to avoid a cannonball to the face.

I'm sure if there isn't already a proverb stating “He who controleth the cannon, controleth the 'splodey,” there will be now. This thing packs a punch! You will only have a limited time inside, but that is plenty of time for a few Fire Paralysis Bombs (whoa) and of course the traditional Cannon blast. Target your foes and blast them out of the sky!

Decayed Garden

Shedding the boring cliché of beauty, life and serenity, the Decayed Garden is very much about a painful demise. Gaining a foothold on the center island can gain you an advantage over players attempting to cross the deadly swamp. Look for a refreshing object in the middle of the island and gain some points by being fast to grab it. Just remember that while the water might look fine, one moment of exposure to it will mean a very fast and painful death. Should you fall in, forget about drinking that healing potion- your days moments are numbered unless you happen to be a Cleric with Dispel III.

Look for the high points surrounding the island to safely glide over the deadly swamp.

Mumu Farm

Nowhere else within the Arena of Chaos are you offered mobs and gatherable objects with such high point values as in the Mumu Farm. 8 Mumu Gatherers and 4 Ore of Mind (350 Essencetapping) spawn periodically during the round and will bring in 1,250 points each! Being quick to focus on these targets can quickly move you up in the point standings.

Plaza of Struggle

Who doesn't love fire? Look for switches on the top level of the Plaza of Struggle to activate the mouted gargoyle-head flamethrowers on the opposite side of the map. Not only will you earn 500 points for simple activating the switch, but you'll also make any opponents in front of the flamethrowers crispy (its own reward, really).

Use the high walls in the center of the arena to break line of sight if you need some time to get away from an attacker.

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