PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 89 - To Go Into The West, And Remain John Riccitiello

Chris Thursten at

Graham, Chris and Marsh discuss Starseed Pilgrim, Monaco, and the impact of Dota 2 on our collective humanity. Plus the hot questions of the day: can you make a shooter without combat? What does Marsh dance to in the morning? Is Chris secretly an a**hole?

As I say at the beginning of the recording, there were some hardware problems with my microphone setup that cause intermittent issues later in the episode. The cable in question has been punished.

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Show notes

  • A commencement speech given by author David Foster Wallce at Kenyon College, Ohio. Somehow we have decided that this is relevent to computer games where you make wizards push lanes.
  • Gamasutra report on Riot's League of Legends player behaviour experiments.
  • Cassandra Khaw's Monaco review.
  • Andy Kelly's Videogame Toilets tumblr.
  • 'The Moon' from the Duck Tales soundtrack, the song that will play at Marsh's funeral.
  • 'Betus Blues' from Super Meat Boy, or what it sounds like inside Chris' head when someone asks a question about MMOs.
  • Chipzel's Super Hexagon soundtrack and Souleye's VVVVVV score, Graham's preferred lullaby.
  • Smooth McGroove's acapella rendition of the Street Fighter II Guile Theme, or what it sounds like when PC Gamer UK conquer a deadline.
  • A forum thread with screenshots of the PCG vs. RPS Planetside 2 scrap, including that time I got my gunship stuck upside down.
  • To answer MaxUrsa's question about wireless headphones, Dave James scores Corsair's Vengeance 2000 set 88% in the upcoming PCG 253 Tech Supertest.
  • Alteraction's MASQ, the open-ended adventure soap opera that Graham recommends.
  • A horse dressed up as a lion: apropos of nothing, I just wanted to reward you for reading all these show notes.