The 110 Game Giveaway, Secret Day 6 UNLOCKED! (US only)

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UPDATE: The Day 6 winners have been chosen! Give a cheer for Eric Lyon, Brandon Banks, Hunter Hill, Tom Lau, Genel Jumalon, Trevor O'Connor, Brad Botts, Kagami Sherleng, Richard Hall, and Victor Zhang. Thanks again to to those who entered during our week of contests and helped us reach 100,000 likes! Who knows...maybe we'll give away 200 games for 200k?

Our 100 Games Giveaway just got upgraded— say hello to the 110 Games Giveaway! That's right--we're a mere 500 likes away from hitting the big 100k, and we want to celebrate the only way we know how: by giving away more free loot! Want to win a Steam copy of Monday Night Combat or Homefront? What are you waiting for?! GOGOGOGOGOGO ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND! Click Read More to find out how to enter!

Phew—now that we got that out of our system, here's how to enter. All you have to do is to simply “like” PC Gamer on our Facebook page (if you haven’t already), then comment on this Facebook post, and you’re automatically entered in our random drawing! Remember, winners will have to accept a Facebook friend request from our prize delivery account to collect your goodies (you can safely de-friend it afterward). Also, you may only enter once per day.

Before we forget and/or hyperventilate from all the excitement, here are the lucky winners from Friday's leg of the giveaway:

Keegan Taber
Richard Almaraz
Ted Moke
Alavanh Chanthasaly
Va Du
James Marsh
Jesse Starkey
Tom Donoho
Justin Kayce
Cassandra Lynn Dail
Aaron Bartels
Steve Williams
Robert Ikola
Jillian Werner
Michael Martinez
Dennis Taylor
Annette Xiong
Jeff Krause
Connor McGuire
Daniel Schlachet