Zombie Army 4: Dead War gameplay shows four players stomping zombie heads

The Zombie Army Trilogy is a series of stand-alone Sniper Elite campaigns where the Nazis are replaced with Zombie Nazis—basically the same thing, except there are more of them and they move slower. At the PC Gaming Show yesterday, Rebellion announced a fourth game in the series, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, with a stylish cinematic trailer. Today, it's showing off gameplay.

In the video above, Rebellion walks us through the first level of the Zombie Army 4 campaign, pointing out what's been added since the original trilogy. There are new weapon upgrades and perks, for instance, and a lot of electricity.

It looks a like like Left 4 Dead, which the series always has, but there are a lot of fun-looking tweaks, such as traps and the important ability to stomp on zombie heads.

Zombie Army 4 will be out early next year.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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