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You have one day to grab a free Steam key for Dino D-Day, new giveaway tomorrow

Our huge five-week multi-million Bundle Stars Steam key giveaway rumbles gloriously onwards. Tomorrow at 5PM BST we'll be giving away a new game, which gives you one last day to grab the amusing World War 2 dinosaurs vs. allied forces World War 2 shooter, Dino D-Day. You get to play as a T-Rex, or a velociraptor fighting on the side of axis forces. It's something you should experience at least once, so grab a free Steam key while you still can.

Tomorrow we head into week three of our massive Steam key giveaway. We'll have a million keys to give away for a game that's very different from the thoughtful puzzles of SpaceChem and the mad battles of Dino D-Day. There are three weeks left, so be sure to come back every Wednesday to grow your free-game Steam bundle.


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