You can play Battlerite Royale for free this week

Free-to-play MOBA Battlerite released a battle royale game in September, Battlerite Royale—which costs $20, though it will be free-to-play when it fully launches from Early Access. It hasn't exactly made a huge splash in the battle royale scene, possibly due to that price tag, but that may change this week. As part of Midweek Madness on Steam, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday, Battlerite Royale will be free to try.

If you enjoy it and don't want to wait for it to leave Early Access before you can play it again, Battlerite Royale will also be on sale during the Midweek Madness period for 30% off. There's a Halloween event going on in Battlerite as well, which lasts until November 7, featuring new quests, weapons, mounts, and several legendary outfits.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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