You can now recycle your Artifact cards into event tickets

An update to the Artifact beta that went live today gives players the ability to recycle their unwanted cards into event tickets, at a rate of 20 cards for one ticket. Event tickets, as explained in the Artifact FAQ, are normally sold in bundles of five for $5, and are used to enter events like Expert Gauntlets that award prizes to winners. 

That's the biggest aspect of the update, because it gives value to surplus cards beyond their value on the Steam Marketplace, and makes events a little more accessible. But it's not the only notable change: There's also a new AI difficulty selector, premade decks in the bot deck selection option that will simplify practicing against different color combinations, and players can now play bot matches and Call to Arms without claiming a starting package. "This lets you try more of the game before you reach the point-of-no-return on refunds," Valve said. 

Numerous fixes to the deck editor, draft, UI, and gameplay have also been made. The full list is available at

Andy Chalk

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