Yooka-Laylee welcomes you to its vibrant world at the PC Gamer Weekender

Playtonic Games is a studio comprised of seven Banjo-Kazooie veterans and the masterminds of the recently launched '90s-style platformer throwback Yooka-Laylee. In 2015, the team launched a Kickstarter for the latter—asking for £175,000 which it ascertained in just a few hours. By the end of the campaign it'd accrued well over £2 million. 

It's a popular game, then, which is why we invited the Playtonic team to this year's PC Gamer Weekender to talk us through the cutesy platformer's development, how it plans to emulate the greats of yesteryear, and how it stands apart as it brings the retro platforming genre into the modern age.

Live from the Gamer Stage, here's Playtonic Games:

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