Yoku's Island Express gets a free demo

Chris Schilling calls Yoku's Island Express a "beguiling game of modest brilliance" and "a blend of mismatched genres that somehow works." If those words, and all the other lovely words, contained within Chris' 85-scored review aren't enough to sway you, a free demo just might. 

Located directly above its Steam page price tag—the full game costs £15.99/$19.99—Yoku's Island Express' free demo lets players "get to know Yoku and the other inhabitants of the beautiful, hand-painted world and try the open-world metroidvania gameplay and captivating story for free," says publisher Team17.

With its gorgeous Sonic Spinball meets Studio Ghibli makeup, a number of other videogame outlets also enjoyed the platforming pinballer. Let me save you a journey (you wouldn't dream of cheating on us anyway, right?) with an accolades roundup trailer:

And let me leave you with more words from Chris' review. I particularly like his closing paragraph: 

Like almost everything else in this generous, considerate game, it’s been built with player convenience in mind. And if that means it’s a little too gentle for some—or too slow for pinball connoisseurs—it’s a trade-off Villa Gorilla seems happy to accept. In its unassuming way, this is a remarkable achievement for a debut, combining two of the oldest types of game into something that feels daisy-fresh. Now that’s worth making a noise about. 

Grab the Yoku's Island Express free demo from its Steam page