Yogbox bundles Minecraft's best mods into one download

Minecraft - Millenaire

We recently highlighted the Yogscast series of Youtube videos, in which players and commentators Lewis and Simon tried out a series of exotic Minecraft mods, recommended to them by the Yogscast community. Now the Yogscast team have put their heads together to create the Yogbox, a collection of the best Minecraft mods they could find, with the aim of improving Minecraft's single player mode without altering the game too much.

Mods contained in the pack include Millenaire, a mod that puts randomly generated NPC villages into Minecraft's worlds, and Somnia which changes the way sleeping works in Minecraft, letting you set alarms for different times of day. Mo' Creatures adds more mobs and the painterly pack changes the look of the world. All of these mods and many more come bundled in one convenient file, and there are instructions for installing the mod pack on the Yogscast forums . It can be downloaded here .

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Tom Senior

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