Yar's Revenge returns

Yar's revenge

Remember Yar's revenge? The classic arcade shooter came out on the Atari 2600 nearly thirty years ago. Earlier today, Atari announced earlier that Killspace Entertainment are working on a downloadable remake to be released early next year. More details and the teaser trailer follow.

The remake is going to have a luscious new anime art style, a far cry from the originals ancient, blocky visuals. In fact, if you want a taste of the classic shooter, the 1981 version of Yar's Revenge is available to play over on the Atari site .

The new game will have a co-op mode, and zillions of enemies, and a "captivating narrative". You play a nameless, brainwashed member of the Yar race who runs into trouble when her craft is shot down. You're rescued by a mysterious man called Bar Yargler who undoes your conditioning and sends you off to wreak revenge on those who enslaved you. Before we proceed to the trailer, let's take a moment to reflect on what a brilliant name "Bar Yargler" is for a character. Video below.

Tom Senior

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