XCOM 2 and Civilization 6 are going real cheap at Fanatical this weekend

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Fancy ridding planet Earth of its bothersome alien occupation this weekend? Or perhaps you'd rather grow your own grassroots colony that'll one day take over the world? Actually, you can probably afford to do both, as both XCOM 2 and Civilization 6 are going cheap in Fanatical's latest sale (opens in new tab)

XCOM 2 (opens in new tab)—the turn-based strategy game best known for letting players mod in voice lines from British comedy Red Dwarf (opens in new tab) and GTA San Andreas's Carl Johnson (opens in new tab)—is going for just £7.58/$12.99, 78 percent less its regular price. Tom's 94-scored review (opens in new tab) tells you all you need to know. 

Civilization 6 (opens in new tab), on the other hand, lets you rule the world. At 72 percent off, Fanatical lets you do so for just £13.99/$18.99. At 42 percent off, the turn-based 4X 'em up's Rise and Fall DLC (opens in new tab) costs £14.49/$17.39. The latter gives you the freeeeeedom to govern as Scotland under Robert the Bruce. Say no more. 

Elsewhere, Fanatical's latest sale includes Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition (opens in new tab) for £6.99/$7.99 with 80 percent off; Kerbal Space Program (opens in new tab) for £13.19/$19.99 with 56 percent off; and 2010's Civilization 5: Complete Edition (opens in new tab) for £5.59/$8.39 with 75 percent off.   

Check out Fanatical's latest sale in full this way (opens in new tab)—it's live for the next four days. 

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