XCOM 2 mod adds 929 voice lines from GTA San Andreas's CJ, is wonderful

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Earlier this year, I wrote about an XCOM 2 mod that adds over 1,000 lines from the cult space sitcom Red Dwarf (opens in new tab). It's hilarious and I love it. After writing about War of the Chosen's Tactical Legacy DLC (opens in new tab) earlier today, I had another rummage in the sci-fi strategy's Steam Workshop. I found Carl Johnson. I wasn't disappointed. 

Any game that shoehorns GTA: San Andreas' protagonist CJ (opens in new tab) into its bounds is a winner in my book. Any game that adds 929 voice lines from Grove Street's finest is golden.

Over to you, CJ:

"One of the least violent GTA main characters can now be selected as an XCOM 2 operative," says mod creator CapRum (opens in new tab). "CJ has an unwavering loyalty towards his family and the hood and when it got swarmed by the ADVENT, he simply could not stand idle and watch. 

"Now he is ready to re-take the Earth and kick aliens' asses just like he did with the Ballas in Grove Street not so long ago."

Planet Earth. Home. At least it was before I f***ked everything up.

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