XCOM 2 mod adds over 1,000 lines from cult space sitcom Red Dwarf

XCOM 2 can be exceptionally tough, exceptionally rewarding and, with the right mod installed, exceptionally funny. Red9's work-in-progress Red Dwarf Voice Pack fits the latter billing by adding over 1,000 voice lines from the cult space sitcom to hilarious effect. 

With Lister (219 lines), Rimmer (299 lines), Kryten (216 lines), Cat (297 lines), and Holly (91 lines), I can't get enough of it. Here it is in motion:

On the mod's Steam Workshop page, Red9 acknowledges this similar outing from 2016—which they've built upon quite considerably. I've barely scratched the surface, but there's stuff in this War of the Chosen-supporting project from all 12 of the show's series. 

And Red9 plans to introduce more. "This mod isn't quite finished yet as I've only done the main cast," says the creator. "I need to do another pass through the series and see how many lines I could get for Kochanski (Series 7 and 8, Chloë Annett) and Female Holly (Series 2-5, Hattie Hayridge) and also any lines I missed for the main five."

More information on the XCOM 2 Red Dwarf Voice Pack (WotC) mod can be found this way.  For more player-made projects, check out our list of the best XCOM 2 mods