How to get the Unusually Large Mushroom in Shadowlands

WoW Unusually Large Mushroom
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Have you found the WoW Unusually Large Mushroom in your bags, but not sure what to do with it? It's a common dilemma I know, but the good news is that you're going to get a shiny new mount out of it—if you're quick enough and you know what to do with it.

Shadowlands has introduced a number of new mounts into the game. And while some may be locked behind reputation or depend on your chosen Covenant, this particular mount isn't locked behind such requirements. So, if you want to find out what to do with the Shadowlands Unusually Large Mushroom—or you want to know where you can get one—read on to find out.

Where to find and how to use the WoW Unusually Large Mushroom 

The Unusually Large Mushroom is an item that can drop from any enemy in Ardenweald. It can even drop from the two dungeons located there so it's always worth checking your bags frequently, especially if you happen to be doing world quests there and killing a lot of enemies. If you do happen to loot this item, you'll notice it has a 20-minute timer and you need to take the Unusually Large Mushroom to a specific location and plant it before the time runs out. 

If you head to the area just northwest of Dreamsong Fenn in Ardenweald (see the map above for the exact location) you should notice a patch of earth you can plant the mushroom. If it's not there, you may have to wait a few minutes for it to spawn—something that may happen if another mushroom has been planted there recently. Once you've interacted with the soil and planted your mushroom, it will start growing and turn into the rare WoW Humon'gozz enemy after a short time. 

Humon'gozz doesn't hit particularly hard, but he has a lot of health. Your best bet is to get some help to take him down. Once you've killed him, you can loot the Arboreal Gulper mount and add it to your collection.

The timer stops when you plant the mushroom, not when you kill the rare, so you can take your time to form a group if needed. The mount has a 100 percent drop chance and anyone that hits Humon'gozz will be able to loot it so you shouldn't have any problems finding people to give you a hand.

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