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Become a Shadowlands celebrity with this Renown guide

how to get WoW Renown level shadowlands
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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

(Image credit: Blizzard)

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Wondering how to increase your WoW Renown for your Covenant in Shadowlands? If you've hit the new max level of 60 and chosen your WoW Covenant, you've likely noticed that Renown and the various systems within it play a large role in how far you can progress. 

But what exactly is it and how can you increase your WoW Renown level with your Covenant? Read on to find out.

What is WoW Renown?

Renown is basically your reputation level with your chosen Covenant. Renown is measured by levels, so the higher your Renown level, the more options become available to you from your Covenant. 

As soon as you've chosen your Covenant, you're presented with a number of quests that introduce you to the various systems within, such as Soulbinds and Covenant Upgrades. You should reach Renown Level 2 simply by doing all the introductory quests your Covenant gives you.

How to get Renown in WoW

You can increase your Renown from three different activities within the Shadowlands: 

  • Covenant Campaign Chapters: Each of these chapters will grant you one level of Renown. You can complete the first two chapters as soon as you hit level 60 and join your chosen Covenant. The rest are locked behind higher Renown levels, so if you want to gain enough Renown to unlock further chapters of your Covenant Campaign, you'll need to look at the other activities.
  • Replenish the Reservoir (weekly quest): This quest should be picked up every week (after reset) and requires you to collect 1000 Anima and deposit it at your Covenant Sanctum. You can collect WoW Anima through world quests and from killing rare enemies throughout the Shadowlands.
  • Return Lost Souls (weekly quest): This is another quest available every week after reset, sending you to The Maw to free Lost Souls and return them to your Covenant Sanctum. This quest doesn't appear to be available yet, but you should be able to pick it up after the reset on December 1 (December 2 for EU).

Note there is a weekly cap on your Renown level which increases each week, similar to how the Corruption resistance cap worked in Battle for Azeroth.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

What is Renown used for? 

Soulbinds are one of the more important reasons to maximise your Covenant Renown levels. To start with, you can only unlock the first two rows of your initial Soulbind tree, but more rows will become available as you gain more Renown. 

Beyond Soulbinds, additional Covenant Campaign chapters will unlock, providing access to companions, buffs, and appearances. If you want to see the rewards for each Renown level, you can examine the Renown interface found within your Covenant Sanctum.