Worlds Adrift is a physics-based multiplayer game from the I Am Bread studio

Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios, the team behind Surgeon Simulator and, more recently (and weirdly), I Am Bread, has announced a new project entitled Worlds Adrift. It's a physics-based multiplayer adventure that will apparently feature great wooden airships that occasionally crash into each other.

"We love physics in our games. Physics is what makes Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread tick," the studio explained on YouTube. "No two game sessions are alike, because a lot of weird and interesting stuff can happen, so gameplay possibilities about."

What will set World Adrift apart, apparently, is its multiplayer focus. Bossa's "Gamer-in-Chief" Henrique Olifiers didn't dig into it very deeply and pointed out that "everything is very rough around the edges [and] the art is all placeholder," but the trailer shows several players swinging around a rocky world, then assembling and riding, and swinging from, on a large airship. The implication would seem to be that the game's physics will enable the open-ended creation and use of unique, and impressively large-scale, objects

Interestingly, despite the announcement, it doesn't sound as though Bossa is fully and completely committed to the game. "We are very eager to hear what you think about our ideas, feedback for the game, and your ideas as well," Olifiers said. "Honestly, we want to know if you think it is worth [it] for us to continue working on this game or not." That's a tough call, given that there's really not much to go on, but if you want to throw some thoughts their way, you may do so at

Andy Chalk

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