Worlds Adrift delayed until early 2017

Although first expected to launch before the end of this year, Bossa Studios has confirmed its unscripted MMO Worlds Adrift will not land in Early Access until "Q1 2017."

In a new blog post, the I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator developer reiterated an earlier update within which company head honcho Henrique Olifiers stressed his desire not to rush Worlds Adrift out the door early. "We’ll not launch a game that’s not ready, that is a commitment myself and the team have made to ourselves early on," he said. Furthering that point, the latest post says: 

"It was gratifying to see that you, the community, also stressed the importance of releasing Worlds Adrift when it is in tip-top condition rather than rushing it out half-baked. We really appreciated your candour on this matter and it certainly gave us pause for thought. Therefore, we wanted to confirm to you all that Worlds Adrift will now be launching on Early Access in Q1 2017." 

Furthermore, ahead of Worlds Adrift's imminent alpha—the so-called "biggest playtest yet"—Bossa has outlined some of the features it hopes will drive the game "much closer to the version [it] will be releasing." 

Islands are now strewn with ancient Saborian databanks, for example, which let players garner knowledge transferable on the corresponding skill tree tab. A new shipyard lets you build custom ship frames; while sails are now craftable and attachable to decks. Those of you who've been keen to play as a male character now can, and pistols have replaced crossbows—the latter of which "should be easier to aim with," among a list of things which can be read in full over here

No concrete launch date just yet, but expect Worlds Adrift to arrive in Early Access before March 31 next year.