Worlds Adrift announces 'biggest playtest' yet

Given Bossa Studios' back catalogue boasts the likes of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, I still find it a bit odd it's working on Worlds Adrift. Don't get me wrong—I'm fond of both games, but they're so far removed from the unscripted MMO variety that it's easy to forget they share the same heritage as the upcoming physics sandbox world that remembers your stories. Ahead of its latest alpha playtest, Bossa is inviting more players than ever before into that world.

Bringing with it a load of new features—such as the Shipyard, where players can craft their own ships; updated controls and UI; and new creatures, among other things—players have until November 18 to sign up, with the playtest scheduled to run at some point later this month.  

"Bossa is also showcasing progression mechanics for the first time, allowing players to explore the Knowledge tree to learn how to build proficiency in certain skills, discover ancient data banks filled with rewards, and unlock pieces of lore that will give players insight into the history of the shattered world," reads a statement from the London-based developer. Here's a preview of some of that in moving picture form: 

On top of that, Bossa has also unveiled a new and updated version of its free Island Creator—which first launched back in April. After just one month, this community montage showcased player creations in practice, the total of which has since surpassed 2,000 maps.  

Those interested in signing up for Worlds Adrift's imminent alpha playtest should head this way. The updated Island Creator, on the other hand, can be found in this direction