World of Warplanes trailer features dogfights, no actual dogs

World of Warplanes 1

I'd like to ask the person who coined the term "dogfighting" a few questions. What are dogs like where you're from? Do they barrel roll? Do they loop the loop? Do they blast around spitting fire and making "nyeeeeoowwwm" noises?

Obviously not. They're small furry mammals barely capable of falling over with grace. The odds of one taking off and engaging in a rousing bout of airborne combat are tragically low, which means we'll have to turn elsewhere for our fix. Luckily, this World of Warplanes trailer delivers, with footage of a biplanes and jets duking it out over the pacific. Like World of Tanks, it'll be free to play and is currently in closed beta. You can apply for a slot on the World of Warplanes site .

[VAMS id="0LHc888USnJwo"]

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