World of Warplanes release date announced, alongside Gamescom trailer

If went full time into the CGI trailer making business, I'd probably be okay with that. Back in June they marked their 60 millionth registered World of Tanks player with pounding, industrial spectacle . Now, they've swooped into GamesCom with a World of Warplanes trailer that's just as dramatic, if a little more graceful. And hot on the teaser's tail is an announcement: the multiplayer dogfighter's official release date.

World of Warplanes is set to leave beta next month, on September 26th in both North America and Europe. More than 100 different aerobatic marvels are expected for launch; including aircraft models from United States, Germany, Russia, Japan and Britain.

It sounds as if the game's test flight has been a success. Wargaming claim that over three million people have signed up for the beta, and that those pilots have launched more than 202 million total combat flights. You can sign up for the open beta right now at the game's website .

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Phil Savage

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