World of Warcraft's Silvermoon City is being recreated in Minecraft

Silvermoon City recreated in Minecraft
(Image credit: Mojang / Lillmy03)

World of Warcraft's Silvermoon City is getting a Minecraft makeover, and screenshots of this work-in-progress have been shown off by Reddit user Lillmy03.

The Reddit thread (spotted by Icy Veins) includes a screenshot of the blood elf capital's entrance in Eversong Woods, with the trees that flank the raised road and the gold trim around the large doorway. You can even see the flowers dotted around the smaller bushes to the side. Other shots include a map overlay and the Walk of Elders, inside the city itself.

Building familiar landscapes from other games in Minecraft must take a lot of planning (and patience). And Silvermoon City has to be particularly tricky as you can't just hop on a flying mount and get a good overview of the entire area.

Still, that doesn't seem to put people off—Genshin Impact's Mondstadt was given the Minecraft treatment earlier this year, and this Breath of the Wild map is, well, breathtaking.

"It's still very raw and many things need detailing, but it's getting along! Gonna take a while to finish the whole thing though." says Lillmy03. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. 


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