Where to find Rumble Coins in World of Warcraft

WoW Rumble Coins - female blood elf demon hunter stands next to Mizzen in Valdrakken
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There are seven WoW Rumble Coins to be found in World of Warcraft, and each can be exchanged for a Warcraft Rumble miniature. You can add these toys to your collection, and each one has two additional appearances if you find all the Rumble Foils

When you pick up a coin, you'll get a Rumble Prize Box which can be opened to grant you your first Warcraft Rumble-themed toy. You can use foils at the Warcraft Rumble Machines, which are found next to Mizzen in any of the capital cities. If you're ready to get started, here are the WoW Rumble Coin locations, along with the Rumble Foils for the toys' additional appearances. 

WoW Rumble Coin and foil locations 

Check your mailbox for a letter from Mizzen—you should have received a Small Rumble Purse which contains the quest, Wanna Play a Game? Hand it in to Mizzen on the upper floor of the Roasted Ram Inn in Valdrakken if you're level 60 or above, otherwise, you'll need to head to your faction's capital city to find them, so either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.


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  • A Rumble Coin is on the ground floor of the Roasted Ram Inn, next to the oven.
  • Find a Rumble Foil on the right-most bed on the second floor of the inn.


  • Find a coin on the second floor of the inn in the Valley of Strength, at the top of the stairs on the left.
  • You'll also get a foil behind some barrels to the right of the Auction House in the Valley of Strength.
  • A second foil is located just outside the Orgrimmar gates on the Durotar side. Look behind the zeppelin tower closest to the coast.

Stormwind City

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  • The first Rumble Coin is found to the right of the stairs heading up out of Stormwind Harbor. If you're standing close to Mizzen looking towards the harbour steps, ignore the ones straight in front of you and look at the ones to the left.
  • Find a Rumble Foil near the lion statue just above the harbour. It's next to the stack of cannon balls on the left.
  • The last foil is found at the gates of Stormwind. Once through them—and before you start across the bridge into the city proper—turn right and head down the slope to some wooden docks. The foil is on the ground here.


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  • You can pick up a coin and a foil from this first location. Look for the floating rocks above Tyrhold Reservoir to find them.
  • The second foil is found in a giant plant pot just south of Tyrhold. This one is pretty hard to spot as it's actually on top of the pot, in among the greenery.

Azure Span

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  • The first Rumble Foil is found sitting in the snow next to a huge broken log.
  • Another two-for-one is next, netting you both a coin and a foil. Head to the westernmost part of Azure Span, west of Brakenhide Hollow, and find these next to a tree on top of a rocky outcrop of land.

Ohn'ahran Plains

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  • This foil is difficult to spot as it's on a rocky ledge about halfway up the waterfall overlooking a fishing pond. It's just above the Daring Fisher NPC.
  • You'll find another foil and coin over at the far west of the plains. These are inside a broken building next to a tower.

Waking Shores

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  • You'll find a foil on an outcropping of red rock, south of the Ruby Lifepools.
  • Another foil is found to the north of the island surrounded by lava, on a rocky ledge.
  • Find a coin and a foil inside the roof of a broken tower to the west of Scalecracker Keep.
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