How to unlock the Old Trunk in World of Warcraft

WoW Old Trunk - a shadow priest is standing in front of a cart with the Old Trunk inside
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The WoW Old Trunk is a locked treasure chest found in the back of a cart at an outpost in Zaralek Cavern. Much like the Dreamer's Bounty, it's not immediately obvious how to get to the treasure inside, so you could spend a lot of time searching the area fruitlessly looking for a key. As it happens, you need to locate and follow the Thieving Rock Mouse to get inside.

The Zaralek Cavern is a new zone in World of Warcraft, introduced with the 10.1 update. The area is completely underground, and you can use your dragonriding mount to fly from the surface of the Dragon Isles, all the way down into the cavern's depths. If you've come across this locked treasure chest, here's how to unlock the WoW Old Trunk and all the Thieving Rock Mouse locations.

WoW Old Trunk: How to unlock the chest 

The Thieving Rock Mouse's initial location. (Image credit: Blizzard)

The Old Trunk is found inside a cart at Glimmerogg, at the southern end of Zaralek Cavern. To unlock the chest and get to the rewards inside, you need to look for the Thieving Rock Mouse, who is hiding nearby. The mouse's first location is just to the right of the cart with the chest, partly hidden by the bush in front of the Glimmerogg Strongarm.

Interact with the Thieving Rock Mouse, and it will run away, leading you to its next hiding place. I've added the approximate coordinates to the different locations below, and you can check out the screenshots if you still need help.

Here are the subsequent Thieving Rock Mouse hiding places:

  1. From the first location to the right of the cart, turn around, head up the slope, and keep going until you reach small double-stone doors. Look for a stone jar to the right of the doors to find the mouse inside (co-ords: 42,80).
  2. Head back down the slope a little way to find the mouse hiding behind a table (co-ords: 41,81).
  3. Return to where the Old Trunk is and look for the cart filled with grain and mushrooms nearby. The mouse is sat on top (co-ords: 42,82).
  4. Now look at the large rock formation behind the Old Trunk. Mount up and fly around to the other side and look for a small ledge to land on. The mouse is here (co-ords: 43,83).

Once you've interacted with the mouse at the final location, head back to the Old Trunk, and you should be able to unlock it. You'll be rewarded with a Critical Strike trinket and Whelpling's Shadowflame Crest Fragments, which can be combined to upgrade certain gear. 

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