Where to find the Dilated Time Capsule vendor in WoW Dragonflight

WoW Dilated Time Capsule - Shi Everbreeze is sat on the edge of an unlit brazier
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If you've obtained a WoW Dilated Time Capsule during one of the new Time Rift events in World of Warcraft's 10.1.5 update, you might be wondering what you're supposed to do with it. You can spend this new currency at a vendor in exchange for gear, but it's not clear where in the Dragon Isles this NPC might be.

Along with Time Rifts, the Fractures in Time mid-season patch brings plenty of notable updates, including a third evoker specialisation, a new mega-dungeon, and a big quality-of-life change which means that characters will automatically learn the riding skill as they level.

In this guide, I'll explain where to find the WoW Dilated Time Capsule vendor, as well as how to get the new currency if you want to snag more of the gear they offer.

WoW Dilated Time Capsule vendor location 

Shi Everbreeze location. (Image credit: Blizzard)

The vendor you're looking for can be found to the northeast of Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus. Shi Everbreeze, a female Pandaren, can be found sitting on top of an unlit brazier to the left of, and slightly behind, the other vendors. You can check the map above for her exact location.

Shi sells 402 item-level catch-up gear, which can be upgraded to 424. This is an excellent way to gear up freshly leveled alts and get them ready for some of the tough endgame activities.

Where to get Dilated Time Capsules 

Dilated Time Capsules have a chance of dropping from a Contained Paracausality box, which is rewarded for completing the weekly quest from Soridormi; When Time Needs Mending. It appears that they aren't a guaranteed drop from these boxes however, though whether that's intentional or some kind of bug is currently unclear.

Dilated Time Capsules also have a chance to drop from Time Rift bosses, though again, they don't have a 100% drop chance so you'll need to rely on the RNG gods if you want more. The good news is that Time Rifts happen every hour, so you'll have plenty of chances to farm them.


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