How to complete the Stay a While quest in WoW: Dragonflight

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The Stay a While quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is a side quest you'll find in The Waking Shores. Unlike Rapid Fire Plans, you won't need to move from where you pick up this quest to complete it. Figuring out what you need to do—and the order you need to do tasks in—can be a little tricky though.

Not to be confused with the "Stay awhile…" dialogue options you often find with major characters to help tie up any loose ends in story beats, this quest focuses on the NPC Veritistrasz and their own personal history with the Dragon Isles and its denizens. So, with that in mind, here's how to complete the Stay a While quest in WoW: Dragonflight. 

WoW Dragonflight: How to complete the Stay a While quest 

You can find Veritistrasz close to the flight point at the Ruby Life Pools in The Waking Shores. You can find them sitting on the platform's edge near where you would've started your dragonriding training during the main campaign.

The Stay a While quest asks you to sit and look at the view but using the /sit command does nothing and interacting with Veritistrasz doesn't offer any options either. Instead, you need to use the extra action button that appears when you pick up the quest. Doing so makes your character sit down and gives you two options when you right-click on Veritistrasz: 

  • "Sit and look at the view"
  • <You are busy. Get up and leave>

Choose the first option, then after a short while, interact with Veritistrasz again to hear the first part of the story. Once they've finished talking, interact with them again, and you'll be given another option, then another. Keep selecting the next first option until Veritistrasz gets to the end of their tale. With that done, use the "exit vehicle" button to stand up and hand the quest in. Good job. 

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