How to complete the Fuel for the Forge quest in WoW: Dragonflight

WoW: Dragonflight Fuel for the Forge
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As part of the Fuel for the Forge quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you'll need to find and collect Magma Cores. It's also worth noting that this quest will only appear in the capital city of Valdrakken if you have blacksmithing as one of your primary professions.

While the requirements sound pretty straightforward, the quest itself is vague about where to find Magma Cores. In this guide, I'll show you where you can find them so you don't have to scour the entire Dragon Isles in search. Here's how to complete the Fuel for the Forge quest in WoW: Dragonflight.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

WoW Dragonflight Fuel for the Forge: Where to find Magma Cores  

Fuel for the Forge is one of the new Dragonflight profession quests. It's available to players who have learnt blacksmithing and can help you gain a few valuable skill points and a bit of reputation to help towards your Renown levels.

The quest giver, Dhurrel, asks you to collect ten Magma Cores from lava creatures around the Dragon Isles, but no specific place is marked on the map. Your best bet is to head to the area southeast of the Obsidian Citadel in The Waking Shores. The easiest creatures to kill for the cores are the Lava Slugs, which you can find in groups of three. I've marked the location on the map above.

Of course, there are plenty of other creatures here too, but the slugs seem to drop the Magma Cores consistently. Once you've collected the required ten, head back to Valdrakken to hand the quest in to increase your blacksmithing skill level. 


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