World of Warcraft charity pets unveiled

World of Warcraft charity pets

Back at Blizzcon, some new World of Warcraft pets were announced, but not shown. Now Blizzard have put up a sneak peak of the new creatures, which include the tiny, owl-like Moonkin Hatchlings and the tiny flame demon, Li'l Ragnaros. Images are contained below. Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload.

The Moonkin Hatchlings will operate in a similar way to the Pandaren Monk pet, for which a portion of each purchase was donated to a good cause, raising $1.1 million for the Make a Wish Foundation. Blizzard haven't released any details yet of when the pets will be released, or how much they will cost, or even the charity that the Moonkin Hatchlings will benefit, but they have released pictures of what the creatures will look like, and they're enough to make even the hardest Call of Duty veteran go "awwww" a bit inside. Check out the World of Warcraft blog for more. Click on the images to expand them.

[via Kotaku ]

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