World of Tanks update 8.1 brings Brits to the battle with the Royal Tank Corps

Wargaming's epic MMO tank battler has received an update which adds a slew of new steel monsters and visually overhauls a number of battle arenas in which to test their mettle. And their metal. World of Tanks patch 8.1 introduces players to the expansive armoury of Britain's Royal Tank Corps, with its 22 new behemoths including the likes of the Vickers Medium Mk I tank, the Centurion Mk. I-IV, the Centurion Mk. V-XI, the Matilda medium, the FV 214 Conqueror and the Churchill.

The new British fleet is intended to span the many and varied qualities of tankitude, from zippy, heavy-hitting tanks for lightning strikes, to lumbering giants, designed to plough implacably forward through a hail of fire. Apparently, a later update will also bring self-propelled guns and tank destroyers. In the meantime, however, you could always snap up some of the new premium tanks on offer: the Soviet SU-11 44, the German PzIV Schmalturm VI and the Panther M10.

Also in the update is a rendering and lighting refit of the Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey, and Prokhorovka battles arenas. Sparkly.

The British invented the tank, so seeing them roll into Wargaming's eternal battle is a fitting a testament to Blighty's dubious death-engineering talents. I suppose a fleet of Spinning Jennies wouldn't be much cop against the amassed might of the Panzerdivision.