WildStar's class round-up series continues with the Stalker

You need to take care if one of your game's classes is called "Stalker". What you want to evoke is the idea of a silent predator, sneaking through flora and fauna to hunt down their prey. What you really don't want is for people to think of weird creepers, trawling through friends' Facebook pictures while listening to The Smiths and inhaling beef Monster Munch. For upcoming MMO WildStar, their solution is simple: focus heavily on the cool things. Retractable claws, gadgets, and invisibility granting nano-skin.

This video marks the end of WildStar's re-introduction videos. That means that next week, we should get a first look at a brand new, as yet unannounced class. For now, you can get back and check out the Warrior , Esper and Spellslinger classes, and see more pictures of the Stalker in action below.

Phil Savage

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