Wildstar's latest DevSpeak video introduces the Warrior, contains impromptu singing

Wildstar's previous DevSpeak videos explained the upcoming MMO's combat mechanics with a sandwich analogy that, over the course of the series, was spread much thinner than any food-based metaphor should be. For this, the first class introduction video, we instead get some spontaneous warbling. They didn't even throw us a casserole comparison to ease the transition. Well, you've now been forewarned, so here's the development team's Warrior round-up.


WildStar will offer six different classes, separate from the profession paths, and each one is due to get their own exploratory trailer over the coming weeks. That'll lead up to December, when the game's new Winter Beta will start, inviting new and old players in preparation for a Spring launch next year. You can sign up for that beta here .

Phil Savage

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