Whispering Hills, the mod that brings Silent Hill to Fallout 4, gets its first episode

Whispering Hills is a Fallout 4 mod that adds a whole lot of fog and a variety of familiar monsters to the Commonwealth. While an earlier version of it has been around for a while—we've been writing about it since Jon said no thanks to the Sirenhead update in 2019—the Episode 1 update brings some significant additions. Chiefly, a questline to follow complete with a voiced NPC.

Said questline will introduce you to Midwitch Elementary School (based on the original Silent Hill's school, Midwich), and part of the town of Whispering Hills. It's based on Centralia, the town used as the model for Silent Hill in the movie, and the mod apparently uses laser-scanning data to recreate the town's map. 

When Fallout 4 decides to change the weather there's a chance for the foggy town to be replaced by Silent Hill's dark nightmare world, and even more of its monsters.

As for those monsters, Whispering Hills includes Silent Hill mainstays like Triangular Prism Head, Uncomfortably Sexy Faceless Nurses, and the Energiser Bunny. It also throws in some other pop culture creeps like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things and SirenHead, which is like Slender Man for people who think Slender Man is just too mainstream these days. 

You can find Whispering Hills on ModDB and NexusMods. Further episodes of Whispering Hills will add more of the town, and new companions since the existing ones can't be brought with you. I hope one of them's a dog.

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Jody Macgregor
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