Which videogame gang would you join?

GTA: San Andreas
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The Tunnel Snakes may say they rule, but the Elvis-impersonating Kings from New Vegas are obviously the Fallout gang of choice. But if you want to join the Grove Street Families from GTA: San Andreas, the 3rd Street Saints, Sleeping Dogs' Sun On Yee, the Payday Clowns, or any one of the gangs of graffiti skaters in Jet Set Radio like The GG's or Poison Jam, those are all valid choices too.

Are DedSec from Watch Dogs a gang? Probably. Dutch's gang? The answer is in the name.

Which videogame gang would you join?

Here are our answers, plus a few from our forum.

James Davenport: Jody, it's just gonna be the Tunnel Snakes all the way down. Why even ask? Those haircuts, those slimy smiles, those cute little switchblades. West Side Story passed the torch. Todd took it and ran. 

Christopher Livingston: I'd join Dutch's gang from Red Dead Redemption 2. It'd be a sweet deal. Dutch would give a speech saying we needed to have faith, and then everyone would just hang around camp doing nothing while Arthur rode around the country getting shot and attacked by bears for months at a time. Then Dutch would reveal his plan for our last big score, it'd go horribly off the rails, and we'd move to a new camp where once again I could sit around doing nothing. It's the perfect gang experience, with only the slight drawback that I'd probably wind up being left for dead, or actually dead, after one of the many, many perfectly planned big scores that goes terribly wrong.

The 3rd Street Saints pose after saving Christmas that one time

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Jody Macgregor: In the Saints Row games you've got gangs of motorbike samurai, Mexican wrestlers, voodoo drug dealers, and cyberpunk TRON cosplayers. But I'd still pick the 3rd Street Saints every time. They're professionals who get along instead of betraying each other at every turn—they even have singalongs in the car. They may be ultraviolent caricatures but they are also best buds and a weirdly perfect model for a close-knit gang of friends. I want to be a Saint.

From our forum

Dakkon: The 3rd Street Saints is an easy choice. They have Johnny Gat!

ZedClampet: Since there's a good DBZ game now, I want to join the Ginyu Squad. I'd rather join the Super Saiyans, but they aren't really a gang of any type, so I'll work on my elaborate posing instead.

Zloth: City of Heroes' Sky Raiders. Sweet jet packs and even teleporter packs! The boss is more than a little nuts but at least he doesn't turn you into anything... unnatural.

invader: They don't have a name of a band but since they saved the universe I would join the anachronox crew. I know, after that ending, there is a spot for a bearded guy and the white hair are starting to appear so...

Characters from Anachronox

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Frindis: Commonwealth Minutemen Gang. I want to infiltrate the gang and backstab Preston Garvey about a thousand times .

Sarafan: Does the Brotherhood of Steel count as a gang? I'd certainly join these guys only to get a Power Armor. Besides that I like high-tech stuff and they're dedicated to preserve such things. Also not many factions can match BoS firepower in the Wastelands.

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