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fortnite anomaly
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Fortnite season 6's first week of challenges includes an actual honest-to-goodness puzzle, rather than just a damage count or fetch quest. Some sort of anomaly has appeared out there in Lazy Lake, and tomb raider Lara Croft needs your dutiful help to find it.

Lazy Lake is a pretty big location, though, so don't go running around like a chicken with its head cut off. We've got your guide to finding the anomaly and how to solve the anomaly puzzle once you get it.

This is also just the first of several anomaly puzzles players can finish. We'll have guides for those soon enough.

Lazy Lake anomaly location

fortnite lazy lake anomaly

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Head to Lazy Lake and go to the yellow house in the north/northwest corner of town. Then head inside and go all the way downstairs to the lowest possible floor, which will have a TV and a couple chairs. Bash open the wall with that TV to discover a secret area seen below.

fortnite lazy lake anomaly

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Lazy Lake anomaly puzzle

A rarity for a Fortnite challenge, to actually get to the anomaly, you need to solve a simple puzzle. In the center of the room you'll notice a large glass case, like you'd see in a jewelry store. On each side of the glass case is an uncolored jewel.

You'll need to interact with each jewel in a specific order to unlock the anomaly, like a more simple game of Simon Says.

Facing the glass case from the direction you entered the room, click on the south jewel (diamond-shaped), then the opposite side (shaped like a teardrop), then the right side (shaped like a shield), and then the left side (shaped like a square).

If you've done it correctly, the anomaly will appear in the center of the glass case. Walk up to it and interact with it to finish the challenge. If you messed up the puzzle, you'll have to start over again, but it's quite simple so don't sweat it.

For your trouble, you'll get an alternate style for Jonesy's tier 1 battle pass skin, which roughs him up a little. Get this man a bath.

fortnite anomaly

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