What did you play last week?

The mayor of Snaktooth Island
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Rachel Watts played Bugsnax, the game of body horror and strawberry elbows (opens in new tab). It turns out that behind that catchy theme song lurks a world whose characters are far too excited about eating sentient snack food that will then transform them into Cronenberg nightmares with hot dog hands and boiled egg noses.

Christopher Livingston played Car Trader Simulator, which has more sex and death than you'd think (opens in new tab). It's a car salesman sim, basically a spreadsheet game, but one that can involve getting frisky in the back of a car stolen from a mob boss, taking out real shady loans, and inevitably getting whacked. What japes.

Joe Donnelly played GTA Online, roleplaying a fight club boss (opens in new tab). When that went south he decided to start a new gang—one that was less violent, and less likely to land him in jail. Which is how he and some other players invented the Friendly Boys, a band of shirtless lads who really enjoy wholesome singalongs.

Rich Stanton has been playing Call of Duty: Cold War's dirty bomb mode, which throws up to 40 players together in an absolute shemozzle (opens in new tab). Fireteams parachute in to compete over uranium, which they fill the aforementioned dirty bombs with in a race to make the first one go boom. It sounds like total chaos, in both good ways and bad.

Jeremy Peel also played Black Ops - Cold War, exploring East Berlin in the campaign (opens in new tab). It's a fascinating bit of history and recreating some of it elevates the usual CoD nonsense, adding illicit German rock music and Stasi informants and, of course, a trip under the Berlin Wall in a tunnel.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been parkouring up a cyberpunk skyscraper in Ghostrunner (opens in new tab), staring at pretty colors and picking up loot in Godfall (opens in new tab), or fighting alternate America across the hexgrid of Möbius Front '83 (opens in new tab)? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
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