What did you play last week?

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Fraser Brown's been playing Total War: Warhammer 2, testing out the free update to the Greenskins as well as the new DLC, the Warden and the Paunch. Its tale of grim elves defending their home against cookery-obsessed goblins is some prime Warhammer nonsense, and I wish I had another 100 hours free to play this too.

Andy Kelly has been playing TimeOut, a short detective game set in a grim future city where people use the amount of time they have left to live as a currency. It's dystopian as all get-out and has a great look—chunky 3D pixel-people lit by a modern lighting engine, which makes them all seem very moody and sad. Not bad for a free game.

Wes Fenlon looked back at Terraria, a game he first played when it was new in distant 2011. He's impressed not only by how much has been added over the nine years since then, but by the fact it remains on sale for 10 American dollars today.

Morgan Park has been playing Operation Steel Wave in Rainbow Six Siege, trying out the new operators and gadgets, as well as their counters. It's impressive how they keep finding new ways to knock down walls, set alarms, and annoy people who are trying to walk through a door with a gun.

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I've been playing Fort Triumph, which is like somebody's beer-and-pretzels D&D campaign turned into a strategy game. After being disappointed by the more recent Heroes of Might Magic games it's great to see someone building on that formula of overland exploration and a touch of city-building. What's really fun are the battles, though. It's like fantasy XCOM but all the cover's moveable—you can cast whirlwind to topple a stone pillar on a skeleton, or kick a tree down to crush a goblin. Every battle is physical comedy, like having a Dungeon Master who says yes to all your daftest ideas. 

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been playing Mafia 2's definitive edition or Saints Row: The Third's remaster? Been playing Maneater or Observation? Let us know!

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