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What did you play last week?

Samuel Horti took a break from playing Mordhau to talk to the creators of Mordhau about how their game went from a janky community project to the biggest melee brawler on PC (opens in new tab). It's interesting that they feel like they're under more pressure now the game has released and players are demanding updates and new maps than they were when they were trying to get it finished and out the door.

Chris Livingston found a couple of very Chris Livingston games. Police Simulator: Patrol Duty sounds like a fascinating what-if game based on the idea "what if GTA was about an ordinary cop?" (opens in new tab) Unfortunately it also sounds buggy as hell. Meanwhile, Esports Life Tycoon sounds like a better game about a less interesting topic. Micromanaging the lives and sleeping habits of esports players (opens in new tab) is not my idea of fun.

Jon Bolding played the beta of Dota Underlords, which is Valve's take on the Dota Auto Chess mod (opens in new tab). It sounds like it has a much better UI than the mod it's inspired by, but the whole subgenre still seems baffling to me.

Tom Senior unearthed a game I'd heard of but completely forgotten, a parody of Myst called Pyst (opens in new tab). It's set on the same island as Myst but after all the other players have been through and wrecked the joint. John Goodman plays the king, and he sings? Celebrity cameos in the FMV days were wild. Reminds me of James Earl Jones showing up in Tex Murphy as the god of detectives.

I've been playing Fahrenheit: The Indigo Prophecy from 2005. It's the first David Cage game I've tried and while I didn't have high expectations, wow, the writing's bad. It's a mystery game about a man who commits a murder while possessed, but it's hard to get into collecting clues and the like when every other line of dialogue is like something out of a Neil Breen movie (opens in new tab). Fortunately someone on YouTube has made Fahrenheit's characters appear as two-dimensional as they sound.

But enough about us. What about you? Has anyone been playing retro shooter Amid Evil (opens in new tab) now it's out of Early Access? Trying Chinese Parents (opens in new tab) now it's in English? Or maybe Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (opens in new tab)? Let us know?

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