What did you play last week?

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Andy Kelly went back to replay Lost: Via Domus, a tie-in for the TV show Lost that I didn't even know existed. Impressively, it still runs fine on Windows today. Less impressively, it features the kind of instafail stealth that drives me up the wall. Still, for Lost nerds it's got plenty to offer — like digital Hurley's weird face.

Jorge Jimenez has been playing the Rogue Company beta. It's a competitive hero shooter where the heroes are all "celebrity secret agents" as Jorge puts it, which is quite the contradiction in terms. "It's kind of like if each member of G.I. Joe had a million followers on Instagram", he says, a clarification that has left me just as confused as I was before.

Chris Livingston played Accident, a simulator where you help out in the immediate aftermath of car crashes, which sounds like it's a lot more harrowing than the designers intended. As Chris notes, being given one of those big SUCCESS notifications when somebody has just died seems quite strange. 

Rachel Watts has been playing Ooblets in early access, and finding that one significant way it differs from other farm-life sims is that it doesn't push you into a grind. There's a smart mechanic that lets you trade wishes, granted by the mayor in return for completing tasks, for the last item you need to craft something. The frustration of being one ingredient away from a shiny new thing, and that one ingredient being a giant hassle to get, will be familiar to Stardew Valley players I'm sure.

Enough about us. What about you? Has anyone been playing Necrobarista, Röki, or Carrion? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
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