What did you play last week?

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Samuel Horti's been playing Streets of Rogue, the topdown roguelike immersive sim. It's got a lot of character in the sense that it's a game with plenty of personality, and also in the sense that it's full of unlockable characters. Each of them makes it play very differently—Samuel's been a bartender whose goal is simply to serve drinks to three people (harder than it sounds), as well as being a cannibal, an assassin, and an escaped gorilla.

Rick Lane finished his diary of Dishonored 2, which he's been playing as a judge of all mankind. He uses the heart to find out everyone's secrets, and executes those who deserve it. Which in Karnaca is a lot of people.

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Tim Clark has been playing Destiny 2 because of course he has, but even a committed player like him has cause to fall back on what they call 'dad loadouts', the gear varieties that are obtainable by mortal human beings with responsibilities outside videogames. The concept "applies equally to mums," he says, "but the pipe, slippers and affordable saloon car vibe fits the meme so sweetly".

Joseph Knoop tried out the reboot of Modern Warfare, at least the multiplayer side of it, and reports that the corner-mounting mechanic is a fine addition and that this version of Call of Duty feels a little slower and more considered, which is a plus.

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I've been playing The Tetris Effect. It's quite a good version of Tetris wrapped in off-putting psychedelia. The music varies between knock-offs of pop songs (the Kanye copy is particularly blatant), and hippie-dippie nonsense that accentuates the cringiest visuals—mostly space whales and tribal dancing. Last year when it came out on PS4 it grabbed some game-of-the-year awards and was called 'transcendental' and I wish the people who described it like that would just try like one drug. I'm sure in VR it's more effective, and it is a very good version of Tetris.

Enough about us. What about you? Did anyone pick up Eastshade in the Steam sale, or maybe one of the board games that were discounted? Have you got your own equivalent of the Destiny 2 'dad loadout' in other online games? Let us know!

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