We're giving away thousands of Wildstar free trial keys on Monday

We found a lot to love in Carbine's bright, characterful MMO, Wildstar, when we reviewed it a short while ago, and there's a chance you might too if you take part in our upcoming key giveaway, which will go live on Monday July 28.

On Monday you'll have a chance to grab one of 5,000 trial keys, which will give you access to Wildstar for a week from Tuesday July 29—that's plenty of time to level up to the trial cap of 20, enjoy the starting areas and experiment with the game's classes. The giveaway post will go live during the afternoon, UK time, whereupon you'll have a chance to grab a key, which you'll be able to redeem on the Wildstar site when the free trial period kicks off on Tuesday.

Here's an introduction to the world of Wildstar to whet your appetite.


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