We're giving away a bunch of old games and demo discs!

Old games demo discs giveaway

It's moving day for PC Gamer. Our US team is migrating to a new office, which means we're making some hard choices, like departing with a big chunk of our dearly beloved old game archive. But our tearful loss is your gain: if you've ever dreamed of having a decade's worth of PC Gamer demo discs, this giveaway is for you!

We're giving away one big ol' box containing hundreds of US PC Gamer demo discs. There are some real gems: the full version of Baldur's Gate! The full version of Duke Nukem! These discs span much of the run of PC Gamer and contain more than just demos. They contain a decade of wonderful memories. Awwww. Also, mods and minigames and strategy guides and some very, very low resolution wallpapers.

We're also giving away one box of old PC games, still in their jewel cases. They're not all great (okay, a few of them are terrible), but this box is still packed to the brim with classics. Thief: The Dark Project, Star Wars: Battlefront, Terra Nova, Rise of Nations, Half-Life, The Pandora Directive...Basically, if you still like physical media and really want to own a copy of King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, this could be your lucky day.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is retweet this tweet. We'll pick two random winners from the retweet list and ship you one of the boxes. You won't know which you'll get until it shows up on your doorstep, so only enter if you want to win!

Sorry, international fans: this giveaway is limited to those 13 and older in the continental United States.


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