We're giving away 5,000 keys for the Hacktag closed beta

Update: We're all out! Thanks to everyone who got a key and have fun.

Original story: We're giving away 5,000 keys for the closed beta of Hacktag, a co-op stealth game hitting Steam Early Access on May 18. The closed beta will be running from today through May 15, so grab a key and give it a spin!

I got a chance to play Hacktag back at the PC Gamer Weekender and really enjoyed it. You try to pull off Mission Impossible-style heists with one player remotely hacking computers to unlock doors or disable cameras, while the other is actually physically in the space avoiding guards and sneaking around. It's got a cool level of asymmetry to it, each player relying on the other to progress while also competing to see who can get a higher score. 

The giveaway will be first come, first served, [update: and we've run out of keys now!] To be clear, this key is only for the closed beta and will not give you the full game when it launches on the 18th—however developer Piece of Cake Studios is running a competition during the course of the beta that could, as the top five teams of two on the leaderboards will each get a key to the full game when the beta ends.

Tom Marks
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