We're giving away 500 codes for Malthael in Heroes of the Storm

Update: That's a wrap! All the keys have been given out, thanks to the over 27,000 of you that entered.

Original story: Last week, the Reaper of Souls himself was added to Heroes of the Storm as a playable character, and today you can enter for a chance to get him free. We're giving away 500 codes that will unlock Malthael and his Grave Warden skin. 

Malthael is a melee assassin who specializes in dealing damage over time, particularly adept in killing high-health enemies. His passive deals damage based on a percentage of his target's max health, meaning he can take tanks down fast but will be less effective against squishier opponents. You can learn more about Malthael and see his Grave Warden skin in action right here

For a chance to get a code for Malthael and his skin, enter your email in the widget below (or right here, but no need for both) and we'll be randomly drawing 500 lucky winners on Monday. We'll be leaving the window to enter open all weekend, but make sure you enter before Monday at 1pm PT (10pm GMT) because that's when we'll stop taking entries and pick winners. Good luck!

Tom Marks
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