Weird West patch means guards will think KO-ed NPCs on beds are just sleeping

Weird West is a nice, deep immersive sim that gives you plenty of ways to go about things—whether that's bullet-time blasting enemies like Max Payne, sneaking through bushes, or setting the world ablaze using oil lamps and whiskey bottles. Now, with the 1.02 Snake-In-My-Boot update, your means of approach have expanded a fair bit, alongside some other notable improvements.

First up, a new stealth takedown has been added that lets you instantly kill your victim by clonking them on the head with your gun. The patch also adds non-lethal options: If you use blunt weapons like shovels, clubs and your bare fists when fighting enemies, you'll knock them out when their health reaches 0 instead of killing them.

The projectiles and throwables system has been improved too. Where before you had to get a feel for how far you threw dynamite and glass bottles, now you have full control over where they will land. This is especially handy for the many situations in the game where you're looking through a window and want to chuck an explosive inside to clear the room.

puzzle room in weird west

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

There are myriad smaller changes in this patch, including new location types and a new weapon-scrapping UI. But the one that really popped out at me is that when you knock out enemies who were previously sleeping, they'll no longer alert enemies who stumble upon them, because they'll think they're still asleep! After all those years of me dumping unconscious bodies on beds in videogames in the hope of fooling the guards, finally there's a game that validates my efforts at deception.

Weird West developer WolfEye Studios has been pretty big on updating the game since release. Last month's Zombie Apocalypse event was the first of several planned events, and they've teased that the 1.03 update will include a "full game economy" as well as overhauls to player and difficulty progression. It looks like the game, which we already liked on release, will be getting quite a bit bigger and better over the coming months.

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